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February 16, 2014

     Today will be a day of laziness.   We actually sleep in until 7:30 am or so.  For some reason I'm really hungry and in addition to my usual 1 egg/toast/fruit/juice/coffee I have an additional egg and 2 pancakes.  Yikes!!  It's nice to be able to just sit and have a leisurely breakfast and watch all the traffic on the river.
Watching the balloons land while eating breakfast

River life

Wonder what this is?


Breakfast area

Fruit station usually has 6 or more varieties

Salad ingredients

Potatoes, bacon, sausage, pancakes, danish, bread, etc.



     We  decide to check out the local market in town.  Ko is our driver again.  Cost 12000k which includes the waiting.    He drops us off and we arrange to meet in 1 hr.  As we wander around I buy some tanaka which I thought was a sunscreen (later learn it's for face whitening??)  It's made from a tree and pounded to make a paste.  I think I paid 1000k for the jar.  I buy some postcards and a nice bamboo picture frame for 2000k.  In the market there's lots of produce, flowers, and other items.  It's very busy but interesting to see.

Where I bought the tanaka which is that jar by the front of this picture

These are sections from the tree that produces the tanaka 

Where I bought my bamboo frame


     We are at the pool by 12 noon.  It's a very hot day to do nothing much.  Around 3:30 I decide to give myself a mani/pedi and a facial.  I brought those toiletries with me and my husband has been gripping that I brought all this stuff that I'm not using so.........  The one thing I'm glad about is that I have a lot of moisturizer with me and I will use it all on this trip.  Then we walk over to the sitting area by the river and just watch and enjoy the sunset.  Very nice.
Pool towel art

Pool spa bubbling away

     Dinner-LA TERRASSE   This place is full and we are lucky to get a table.  Great meal-butterfish with vegetable, rice, and fries and beer of course for DH.  Homemade pasta with fresh basil and a tomato based sauce and a glass of nice red wine for me.  Desert-tiramisu.  I thought this was the place where I had one of my all time best deserts of tiramisu but it was on an another night at a different place.  However this is very good.  Cost for dinner tonight 18400k.  It is really windy when we're leaving.  Ko is our driver 12000k.
Restaurant is above the Hotel Yarkinntha in Nyaung OO

Dining area


It's windy when we leave


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