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February 20, 2014

     I settled our hotel bill in Bagan.  Not much-$68 for laundry and one dinner which DH signed for.  We really loved our time at this hotel and would definitely stay here again.  The hotel forgot about our breakfast boxes but that's just as well as we will get breakfast on the boat.  Ko is right on time at 4:30 am to take us to the jetty and help us with our bags and onto the boat.  Cost for Ko 10000k.  We thank him for all his driving and wish him much success for the future.  Our tickets have been purchased for us by ONE STOP TRAVEL.  We have assigned seats, B1 and B2 but there's not many people on board so you can sit where you want.  Our tickets indicate a complimentary breakfast from 7:30 am to 9:30 am.  Here we are-SHWE KEINNERY on our way to Mandalay!  Our seats recline and are cushioned.  Very nice.  When I use the toilet later (there are several on the boat) I find them to be very clean and stocked with toilet paper.  We leave the dock at 5:40 am.  Our breakfast consists of coffee or tea, a hard boiled egg, banana, and 2 slices of toast.  it's not that great but not bad either.  We observe the sun coming up-almost like a sunset-and lots of river life.  People, mostly women, washing clothes, lots of fishing boats, etc.  It was a relaxing, although long, trip.   There are many different seating areas and we will spend our time mostly on the top deck.  There is the deck where the seats are inside.  Then the next is an area with tables for eating.  The last is the open area with chairs to enjoy the scenery and the sun.  There is also a shaded area here.  For lunch we order fresh pineapple, fried vegetables with chicken, coke, and beer.  Cost 8000k.  It was better than I expected.  As the day wore on it became very hot and sunny.  At times I would observe some of the crew by the front of the boat with these long bamboo? poles checking the depth of the water and yelling back to the boat captain.  We arrive in Mandalay at 7:30 pm so it's been a very long day and I just want to get to our hotel.  As we're getting ready to get off the boat 2 young women take our 2 large bags, put them on top of their heads, and go out and up the stairs with them.  You can be sure I tipped them for that.  Boy, they were amazing to be able to do that and on their heads!!


Our boat




River life

We will pass under many bridges

Experimenting with camera filter

A different filter for a different look


Our shadows reflected in the water

Road to Mandalay

A passenger gets on

A passenger gets off at the same stop





So pretty!

Getting close to Mandalay

     We have no trouble getting a taxi/truck to our hotel AYARWADDY RIVER VIEW.  Cost 3000k.  Upon arrival we are given a cold welcome drink and an refreshing cold towel.  Our room is 406.  The room is very large and has a view looking directly to the river.  Beautiful.  It consists of comfortable  beds, a small seating area, and a desk/vanity type area with items for making coffee/tea in the room.  The bathroom comes with a bathtub and the usual toiletries.  Not bad for $95 per night for this deluxe river view room.  We decide to explore a bit so we head up to the roof top.  Here is the restaurant for dinner.  There is a puppet show going on.  Lots of people here but we manage to get a table.  This is an open air place and it's too dark now but when we come another time we will see views to the river and also to the town.  Since it's later than our normal time for dinner we decide to order light.  Ham club sandwich to share with fries.  Coffee for me and what else-a bottle of Mandalay beer for DH!  Bill 12000k.  After the puppet show finishes there's a show of a woman performing dances to a story.  Lots of people taking pictures.  I want to do a lot of sightseeing tomorrow so we decide to have an early night.  I check my I- PAD that I brought and the internet connection is good.  It was great in Yangon, off and on in Bagan, and so far so good here.  I must admit I'm surprised at how good the internet connection is in Myanmar as I was not expecting that.

Sandwich and fries-nothing special

Puppet show


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