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March 1, 2014

     Breakfast is a very nice spread of a variety to suit all.  There's an egg station and you can get pancakes too.  And I got some bacon done just the way I like it-crispy!  Lovely setting right next to the inviting pool.  Patrick is there going to all the tables.  He asks us if everything is ok and are we liking our stay so far.  He's a very hands on manager.

Banana pancake

Breads and fruit


Egg and pancake and bacon station


Fixings for salad, sliced meats

Fried noodles and potato wedges

Breads and donuts
     We don't know what to do with ourselves as no driver picking us up to go anywhere.  I decide I want to take a walk to Sandoway Resort.  I don't feel comfortable enough to bike it.  It doesn't look too far from my map that the hotel  gave me.  While in reception area we also sign up for a 10:00 am boat snorkel trip for tomorrow.  We walked along the road which isn't easy due to all the road construction.  Very dusty.  We pass Ngapali Beach Resort, the village of Mya Pyin.  It's getting more tricky to walk on the road so we cut through and get to the beach and continue walking on the beach.  We see an interesting statue of a mermaid on a rock.  Eventually we decide to head back as the beach is calling to us for a swim.  Walking on the bach I try to figure out the resorts we're passing-Thande, Jade Marina & Spa, Ngapali.  There are lots of umbrella stalls on the beach selling jewelry, place mats-all sorts of trinkets.  I stop at several and buy-placemats, bracelets of shell and stones, a necklace that the girl makes up for me, a hair barrette.  All of these will make nice gifts for my nieces, etc.

Walking carefully on the road

Road construction

Blink and you miss this village

Mermaid statue

Beach vendors

This resort that we walked by had beach tables of neat animals

Beautiful beach area

Love the color of the water

Lady selling fruit on the beach

     Back in our room, we gear up for the beach.  Earlier we had put some of our stuff on 2 sun beds right by our room.  Beach time 12:00 noon until 6:00 pm!!  Lots of sunscreen, being in the shade for part of the time, and already being used to the sun from almost 2 months of travel in SE Asia has helped us not to get sun burned.  I enjoy the beach as it doesn't have huge wave action.  It's very swimmable for kids and those like me who are not strong swimmers.  During that time we take a break for the pool.  The water is a tiny bit cold so I stay in 15 minutes or so but my husband is in his glory and spends almost an hour just swimming laps.  I've gotten a book from the hotel's library that I'm reading so this is a true lazy day.  We watch a guy horseback riding along the beach, local kids swimming and having fun.  Patrick and some local guys are playing beach volleyball. I write out some postcards to send home.

This rocky area was to the left of our beach
Richard loves the pool!

Horse along the beach

Kids swimming

Beach volleyball


My big feet!

     We have reservations for dinner at the hotel restaurant.  This time we are inside under the roof but it's open on the sides so we look out onto the beach.  Our table is right next to the railing.  I have grilled shrimp in green papaya salad and my husband has the green curry with vegetables and rice.  Dessert is ice cream.  I was hoping that the chocolate cake from the BBQ would be on the menu but it isn't.  Cost including drinks of beer and 2 cokes is $30 which we sign for.  Heading back to our room we spend some time lounging on the verandah just listening to the waves and being peaceful.

Our reservation

Grilled shrimp green papaya salad

Green curry with vegetables

Have to settle for ice cream as no chocolate cake on the menu!

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