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March 2, 2014

     Another glorious morning.  Great breakfast.  Good coffee.  I'm raring to go snorkeling even though I'm not too comfortable in the open water where it's over my head deep!!  Too bad we didn't bring our own snorkel gear but we left it in Bangkok.  Didn't think we'd have the opportunity to do snorkeling here in Ngapali.
     SNORKEL TRIP TO PEARL ISLAND  Arranged through the hotel.  Cost $28 which will go on our hotel bill.  There's a boat and crew for us at 10:00 am.  After going out a bit towards Pearl Island the boat stops for our snorkel spot.  I use the life vest as it makes me feel more comfortable.  Unfortunately the snorkel mask didn't fit right and water kept leaking in.  Bummer!  I had to clear my mask several times.  I saw some fish-small yellow orange color.  Also yellow sponge, lavender coral, and brownish flower petal shaped coral.  I gave up due to the leaky mask but my husband stayed out and was happy with what he saw although it didn't compare to trips in the Caribbean.  We continued to motor to the island and anchored here for a time to relax or grab a bite to eat.  There's a restaurant shack here-LOBSTER POT.  We ordered fries and drinks for 7500k.  Hit the spot.  While there my husband went to use the toilet.  Then I decided to make use of the facilities and DH said he'd have to help me get in.  WHAT!!!!  Ok.  Now I understand.  It's perched up off the ground and the step stool is very rickety.  What an experience.  The water is shallow here and the bottom is sandy so I sit in the water cooling off while my husband takes pictures that I don't want him taking of me.

Pearl Island

Our boat

The raised toilet is to the left of the restaurant as seen here.


Our boat crew

     Upon returning to our hotel we spend the rest of the day at the beach and a short amount of time at the pool.  We also admire the grounds of the hotel and Richard clowns around with a cart.

Our room

Great beach for swimming

     Dinner  We decide to venture out of the hotel to see what's out there.  Stop at HTAY HTAY KITCHEN.  I think I read some reviews on TA about this place.  There are lots of places just down the road about 5 minutes walking-Best Friend, Golden Rose, Paradise, Friend 2.  Just go left from our hotel.  I order the grilled seabass and grilled potatoes.  My husband has spicy king prawn curry.  Beer and coke and the bill is 12000k.  Right next door to the restaurant is a good sized store with lots of things you may want to buy.  They even sell stamps.  We buy some stamps for the postcards, beer, and coke to take back to the room.  Back at the hotel I make a reservation for us to rent a kayak for tomorrow and time at the spa.

Spicy king prawn curry

Grilled seabass

Grilled potatoes

Lots of restaurants-Golden Rose
Paradise Restaurant

Best Friend 2 Restaurant

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