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March 14, 2014

     We are up by 7:30 am and ready to check out this place's breakfast buffet for comparison against so many other hotels we've stayed at during our lengthy trip.  The breakfast area is huge.  There are tables outside and inside.  So many things that I don't know where to look first.  Fruits, vegetables for salad, meats, a pancake machine that will make 2 perfect pancakes when you press the button, cheese selection, egg station-3 minute, 4 minute, omelets, any way you can imagine, and the dessert/pastry area.  OMG!!  I see sugar donuts and later I find out that all the sweets are house made.  I am experiencing a sensory overload.  I splurge with my egg over easy (perfectly cooked) and add 2 slices of crispy bacon.  Juice, fruit, toast, and the best tasting coffee complete my normal vacation breakfast.  However I make an exception and try one of the sugar donuts.  I realize I'm in heaven.  Even back home I've never had a sugar donut taste this great.  As we're eating I notice a small elephant on a grassy area. I get a few bananas and walk over.  I'm introduced to Wandee who is about 1 1/2 yrs. old.  He is so cute and loves my bananas!
Lots of juice choices

Chocolate filled and plain croissants


     Now it's time to really check this property out.  There is a tour desk where we get information on some possible day trips for when my husband isn't diving.  The property has several pools and the gardens/landscaping is beautiful.  The resort has rooms like we have and villas.  The villas are more expensive, have better location to the beach, and probably more room.  We also check out the fitness center-very impressive.

Sukhothai Pond

Main pool

Main pool
Main pool

Spa pool-age 16 and above only

     We go back to our room and decide to be lazy.  We head to the beach.  It's perfect.  A long stretch of soft, white sand.  The water is warm with little waves and a stunning color of blue.  A guy drapes your chosen beach lounger with a towel and then gives you another.  The same process is done for the sun beds around the pools.  After an hour or so we leave our stuff on the beach loungers and decide to check out the main pool which is closest to the beach area.  This pool is immense and goes on for what looks like forever as it meanders around the property.  We get pool chairs and I stay in the shallow end while my husband wants to swim the length of this pool.  Soon I lose sight of him but he's back within an hour to say he had a very enjoyable swim.  I like this shallow end.  There are seating ledges each side where you can activate jets of water giving you a kind of massage.  It feels good against my back.  We spend several hrs. at the beach and pool heading back to our room around 3:00 pm.  We have to go back to town.

Our room balcony with table and chairs is cute

View from our room/balcony

View from our room/balcony
Exercise/yoga on the beach

My husband's feet

My feet 

      We go back to BIG BLUE so I can pay the balance for Richard's diving and sign him up for March 20th for RICHELIEU ROCK.  He wasn't 100% sure about doing this on the day we leave but this will turn out to be one of the best decisions he will make on our trip.  I knew he would decide to go as RR is supposed to be one of the best dive sites.  While in town we explore some shops and I do find a nice beach cover up type dress that I like.  I'm told the price is 500 baht and I get it for 400.  I am not good with this type of back and forth price negotiating and I'm sure I will end up paying too much for a lot of things.

     When we get back to the resort I send an e-mail to Phuket Scuba Club inquiring about diving for Richard on March 21st-Racha Noi and Racha Yai and March 22nd-Sharkpoint and Aenome Reef.  Before we leave for dinner I receive a response from the Phuket Scuba Club.  They have sent us prices and day trip schedules, local and beach dives.  In order to be able to dive on the 21st he needs to be at the Phuket office no later than 7:00 pm the day before.

     During my research I made a list of restaurants to try and the RUSTY PELICAN (Mexican food) is on my list.  It wasn't easy to find.  We probably drove up and down the street missing it more than once.  I ask for directions after we park the car and it's only a short walk away.  This place is in the Bang Niang Beach area.  I order a lemon margarita-yummy!  Beer for Richard.  Chicken tostada salad and chicken grande burrito are very tasty.  Cost 620 baht.

Chicken grande burrito

Chicken tostada salad-the best part is underneath all that lettuce!

     Back at the resort I e-mail our Phuket hotel to let them know we'll be arriving late on March 20th.  I also send an e-mail to Phuket Scuba Club.  Richard gets his dive bag ready for his first dive tomorrow morning.  I wish you didn't drive on the left here in Thailand as I would then feel comfortable enough to take the rental car and do some exploring.  I guess I'll have to settle for the beach and the pool.

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