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March 27, 2014

      Breakfast-I've managed to score a couple of the coveted mini danishes and there's a good selection of fruit available.   We debate about which beach to explore today.  Nai Thon was nice but much too long a drive.  Nai Harn too much wave action for me.  We don't want to have to drive far.  I also send a deposit of 4500 baht via pay pal for our Phang Nga Bay trip with Capt. Mark on March 28th.

Coffee and tea


     KATA NOI BEACH  We arrive at this beach 10:45 am.  It's not far from the hotel.  The road is a dead end where we park on the street and reach the beach by a less than 5 minute walk from the car.  There is the Katathani Beach Resort right here.  No public toilet facilities on the beach.  It's one of the smaller beaches on Phuket.  I was expecting a calm beach but in dismay I observe big waves.  I guess I'll work on my tan laying on the sun bed.  However, Richard, Dorie, and Ronan are having a blast.  Waves don't bother Ronan at all and he feels comfortable with his donut and mom and grandpa right near him.  All of a sudden I notice people standing on the beach by the water's edge.  People are leaving the water.  I walk down and see Dorie and Ronan but no sign of my husband.  Then I see the lifeguards on jet skis throwing life jackets to swimmers further out, hauling some on the jet ski, some on a surfboard.  Now I really start to panic as I can't find my husband.  I yell for Dorie to try to find her dad.  I'm on the verge of tears and almost hysterical.  I try to pull myself together and then see Richard coming in.  He explains there was a riptide that he and others got caught in and all you can do is not fight it.  He was asked by one of the lifeguards if he needed help/ride to shore but instead he was helping those in the water get life vests on, getting a girl on the surfboard.  I am so happy but then I yell at him for going so far out.  Ronan says "grandpa you're in big trouble."  I tell Richard to never scare me like that again, that he shouldn't go so far out that we can't see him.  The lifeguards have asked people to get out of the water for now.  We play in the sand and relax on the sun beds.  Then people are allowed to reenter the water but I am firm in saying that they must stay where I can see them so I don't freak out again!  We leave at 4:00 pm.  Back to the hotel within minutes to shower and change.

Kata Noi beach

Our 3 sun beds

Testing the water

It's great!

I'm game if you are grandpa!

Fun in the sun, sea, and sand

Richard is in the water taking a picture of Dorie and Ronan the same time I'm on the beach taking a picture.  How cool!

Ronan is one brave little dude!

Lifeguard telling swimmers to get out of the water.  A girl on the jet ski was rescued from the riptide.

     We drive to the AFTER BEACH BAR to watch the sunset and have some drinks.  This is a reggae bar with stunning views.  Built on a cliff overlooking Kata Noi beach.  Reggae music plays.  We order drinks-beer for Richard and Dorie, a pineapple shake for Ronan, and a stiff pina colada for me!  Cost 780 baht.  Unfortunately our sunset is marred by the clouds.  The wait staff wear these neat T hits with a picture of Bob Marley and Dorie would love to get one for Ronan but none his size.  Too bad-they were cute.

Pineapple shake

Pina colada

Can't beat a nice, cold beer

Having a good time

Beer buddies!

     We decide to have dinner at KAMPONG KATA HILL again as Richard and Ronan didn't go the other night.  I had told Richard how pretty all the decor was and that the food wasn't bad either.  And the best part is that the restaurant has its own parking are in the back at the top of the hill.  We order stir fried chicken with cashew nuts;  Thai Country's curry with chicken and plain rice;  french fries;  pad Thai with chicken;  spring rolls with prawns.  The bill for dinner including our drinks is 1315 baht.  While Richard gets the car I head over to STARBUCKS COFFEE which is next door.  I buy a pastry-blueberry crumble-for breakfast tomorrow-for 80 baht.


Fried spring rolls with prawn

French fries for naughty Ronan.  

Pad Thai with chicken

Stir fried chicken with cashew nuts

Thai country's curry with chicken

Plain rice

Make a wish

Exit down to the street

View of restaurant from the street

Street at night by the restaurant

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