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March 26, 2014

     Since we're going on a road trip I have a hearty breakfast-2 eggs over easy, 2 slices of toast, fruit, orange juice, and coffee.  Simba is fully booked for Phang Nga Bay trip so I send e-mails to a few other companies, including Phuket Sail Tours/Capt. Mark.  I request the dates of  March 27th or March 28th.  I really hope we get a positive reply.  We get ready for the road trip loading up the car for a day at the beach.

     NAI THON BEACH  Left the hotel around 11:00 am.  There is a lot of traffic and we pass through several interesting areas that make up Phuket.

Motor bikes appear to be the preferred means of transport

We pass Fantasea

     We arrive at NAI THON BEACH at 1:00 pm.  A place to get away from the crowds and enjoy peace and quiet.  It's a long way away from our hotel driving up north, not far from the airport, and there's traffic especially when we go through Patong area.  We rent 3 sun beds for 240 baht.  This beach is supposed to have sand that squeaks when you walk on it.  Well, it doesn't so false advertising!!  It is hot and sunny.  Very few people here.  The current is strong-pulls you out and pushes you in.  It would be perfect if not for that current.  We have a good time.  Ronan has a lot of fun.

Luckily the flags on the beach are red/yellow so we can swim

Ronan is in a hurry to get into the water


Not many people here

No one by our sun beds.  You can see the green donut by the rest of our stuff.


The sand may not squeak but it sticks!


Pretty good wave action

The water is destroying our sand town

I'm coming mom!

We practically have this beach to ourselves

Lifeguard station

This sand is stubborn and doesn't want to come off!
     Lots of traffic on the way back.  There's a look out point that we stop  at to see the gorgeous views of what I believe is Surin beach.  We return to our hotel at 6:00 pm, happy from our day at the beach but in dire need of a shower to get rid of the sand that sticks, not squeaks!  Dorie and I also pick up our laundry, all nicely folded.


I think this is Surin beach

Add caption

Jet ski

Kamala area

Heading into busy Patong


Motor bikes everywhere!

Hard Rock in Patong

Playing volleyball as the sun gets ready to set

Dino Park Mini Golf complex

Almost back to our hotel

We had dinner here the other night
     Dinner  We drive towards the area of the restaurant from last night as we had seen the Swensens from our taxi.  We are lucky and find a place to park the car right on the street and start walking to find a place to eat.  Finally we think we have found our restaurant for tonight.  WINE CONNECTION   Ravioli with spinach and cheese in a tomato sauce with shredded mozzarella cheese on top and a coke for me.  Greek salad and Chang draft beer for Richard.  Margherita pizza and imported beer for Dorie.  A plate of plain buttered spaghetti with parmesan cheese and orange juice for Ronan.  Cost 1018 baht.  The meal was delicious.  Everyone ate all their food plus we shared.   Service was top rate.  A very good choice for dinner!

Ronan's buttered spaghetti with parmesan cheese


My orange juice is good

Delicious pizza

Greek salad

Ravioli stuffed with cheese and spinach was the bomb!

Would highly recommend for tasty food and good service

     Practically next door is SWENSEN'S where we head for dessert!  Richard has a hot fudge sundae with rainforest and rocky road ice cream; I have a mocha sundae; Dorie has 1 scoop of reversible chocolate ice cream.  Ronan has Mr. Sans Babies which comes with strawberry sorbet and lemon sherbet.  We had him taste those 2 flavors just to be sure he'd like them and he said that's what he wanted.  I swear this kid has some strange food tastes.  Bill 509 baht.  A fantastic evening after a long day at the beach and a long drive to the beach and back.    Arriving back to the hotel I check my e-mail and only place that has availability for March 28th is Phuket Sail Tours.  Every other place is fully booked.  So Capt. Mark again it is.

Lots of flavors of ice cream

More flavors

This is what Ronan orders

This is what I order

Richard's choice

It is the ultimate experience


Ricard's and mine




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