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March 29, 2014

    Our last breakfast with all these people.  The hotel must be full because every morning it's luck that we find a table so all 4 of us can sit together for breakfast.  Our flights aren't until later this afternoon so we have time.  We process our check outs.  I have to only pay for room service and some drinks from the mini fridge.  380 baht.  I have given Dorie all the stuff I brought from home in our bags.  For Dorie-a new Lumix camera as a late Xmas present.  For Ronan-a book, the game Operation, 2 Lego sets and 2 race car sets.  Dorie also really liked the flip flops I bought in Bangkok and they fit her so I give them to her.  In addition things I've bought on this trip-one T shirt from each country for Ronan, a toy flute like instrument I bought in Cambodia;  for Dorie a pair of those light weight pants they sell all over in Cambodia and the celadon jewelry container I bought in Chiang Mai.  Now my bags are lighter!!

     POOL  One last time for 1 hr.  We leave the set of the beach toys here for other kids to enjoy as Dorie doesn't want to take them home with her.

Ronan's swimming has really improved

Getting ready to be thrown through the air

Again, grandpa!

Last view of the beach from our balcony

     All good things must end.  Dorie and Ronan leave for the airport in a taxi.  We have loaded our rental car and we head to the airport a few minutes after they leave.  We pass the HEROINES MONUMENT.  This was erected as a memorial to 2 sisters-Chan and Mook-who led the people of Phuket against the Burmese invaders during the Battle of Thalong in 1785.  King Rama I gave the sisters honorary titles of Thao Thep Krasattri and Thao Si Sunthon.

Heroines Monument

     We stop to fill up the car with gas-1100 baht.  We arrive at the airport and return our rental car.  No problem and the guy who has checked the car fills out some papers and tells us our deposit of 5000 baht will be refunded.  We are early so Ronan is hungry and there is a Burger King at the airport.  Richard stays with the bags and we get something to eat.  Meal deal-cheeseburger, french fries, coke-250 baht.  We check in with NOK AIR and the check in girl doesn't seem to know what she's doing.  I try to explain to her about Richard's scuba bag and the e-mail I had received from NOK AIR before we even left our home in the US.  We have to pay for excess weight as when I booked our tickets I pre purchased only 10 extra kg.  Total cost for our flight for the 2 of us one way from Phuket to Bangkok with extra baggage weight of 10 kg. (327.10 baht) is 4015 baht.  The allowance is 15 kg. each bag or 30 kg. for the 2.  With the extra 10 I have 40 kg.  They weigh all the 3 bags  64 kg. total and the girl charges me 4600 baht.  WHAT!!!  That's not right as I try again to explain but she says I need to go upstairs to the NOK AIR office.  I am so angry/upset.  I go upstairs and show the girls in the office my e-mail from NOK AIR that tells me how much the scuba bag will cost-200 baht for 15 kg. bag.  Thank goodness I had this e-mail still on my I Pad.  After several telephone calls, talks with other NOK AIR employees they agree that my figures are correct.  Our weight total was 64 kg. for 3 bags checked, one of which was the scuba bag.    30 kg. are free and I already pre paid for 10 more kg.  That's 40 kg. total.  The scuba bag is allowed 15 kg. for 200 baht.   So now we have 55 kg.  64 minus 55 is 9.  Each kg. is charged 200 baht so 9 x 200=1800 baht plus the 200 baht scuba bag charge.  Total is 2000 baht NOT 4600 baht.  Dorie has come upstairs to give me a hug goodbye as her flight back to Hong Kong is boarding.  I didn't get the chance to say goodbye to my grandson.  I will never fly with NOK AIR nor will I recommend them.  All this took over an hr. to straighten out.  Something that should have been done right at check in within minutes!!  With only minutes to spare Richard and I board our flight NOK AIR DD7507- departs Phuket 3:25 pm, arrives Bangkok DMK at 4:45 pm.   Our flight is on time and we even are given a snack-raisin cookie and water.

Leaving Phuket

     Arriving at DMK in Bangkok I find an ATM and withdraw 15000 baht for the remainder of our time in Thailand.  Taxi service desk again and taxi to our hotel via expressway.

     BOSSOTEL  This is our 3rd stay here.  We will be here for 3 nights.  I put the balance of 3600 baht on my credit card.  Room rate is 1800 baht per night, breakfast and all taxes included.  This time we have room 615.  It's almost like the other rooms we've had.  It's been an exhausting day so we just walk to the McDonald's for 2 spicy chicken sandwiches, sprite and coke for 212 baht.


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