Wednesday, July 23, 2014


March 10, 2014

     Our last breakfast.  Lots of pictures of the buffet spread.  Last view of Shwedagon.  Last stay at the amazing Summit Parkview.  Our last day in Myanmar/Burma.  Kyaw is a bit early but we are ready to head to the airport.  Goodbyes to the staff.  Soon we arrive at YANGON AIRPORT.  Cost for car to airport??  Didn't write it down.  Kyaw gives us his card.  I thank him for everything over the last few days and tell him we had a great time with him.  No problem with immigration leaving.  Our flight is on AIR ASIA FD 2756, departing 12:50 pm and arriving Bangkok DMK at 2:40 pm.  We have assigned seats, 11D and 11F.  Stickers I think.  Bags checked-no problem.   While waiting to board I have a yummy iced mocha drink and I make some last minute purchases that I always get from each country we visit-a mug with Myanmar written on it and a pin of the Myanmar flag.  I also buy this purse that caught my eye for my step daughter.  I spent $22 total.

Shwedagon early in the morning

Music in the lobby area

Kyaw and us at the airport

Yangon Airport

Our Air Asia flight to Bangkok

Yummy iced mocha

Our plane

Yangon Airport as we're lifting off
     Rudyard Kipling got it right when he said that Burma would be unlike any other land you know about.  How true that was.   

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