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March 21, 2014

     Now that it's morning I can see we have a pretty nice view of the beach and the pool here.

     Breakfast buffet is ok but after what we had at Le Meridien there's no competition.  Lots of Russians here I think from the conversations.  I'm amazed to see some of the other guests at the buffet.  One woman heaped almost every slice of watermelon on her plate!  And it's not just this.  When a platter of danishes was brought out there was almost a stampede and they were all gone within a matter of a few minutes, if that!  I have never seen this kind of behavior in any of our other places.  I have my usual-1 egg over easy, toast, juice, coffee, a pancake.  No fruit as it's been snatched up by the Russians!  LOL!!  Some more fruit come out and I'm luck to get a few slices of pineapple.

Egg station

Hotel entrance from the street

     I try to fix my e-mail but no luck.  I don't understand what the problem is and no one here can help me.  Since we got in after 7:00 pm last night and didn't get to the PHUKET SCUBA CLUB in time to register Richard for diving we decide to go there this morning.  There's another guy waiting when we get there.  Richard has decided he will only do 1 more day of diving.  Other than the whale shark sighting the diving hasn't been what he expected.  He also wants to spend time with our daughter and grandson who arrive tonight.  We only get to see them once a year.  Soon Kevan appears and he is just the nicest guy.  Richard signs up for a 3 tank dive for March 25th.  Pick up at 7:45 am.  Unfortunately due to boat maintenance my husband has to settle for Anemone Reef, King Cruiser wreck.  He wanted to dive Racha Noi/Racha Yai but that's not to be as schedule has changed due to boat maintenance.  Cost for the day with 3 dives 3700 baht.  Richard also buys a dive center T shirt for 350 baht and a set of fish slates for 1500 baht.  Kevan asks us to stop by later this evening for drinks at the restaurant that is right next door to the shop.  He says to bring my I Pad to see if it will work there.  He also calls Phuket Sail Tours/Capt. Mark for us as I haven't been able to book my day trips on my I Pad because of my internet problem.  He talks to Mark's wife.  Mark is in Australia right now.  I speak to her and tell her I'd like to book the day trip Phi Phi Islands Sightseeing and Snorkel Tour for 3 adults and 1 child for March 24th.   She will send me an e-mail with details.  Kevan tells us about a good restaurant on the beach that he wants to recommend.  He walks us across the street to the beach and points it out to us.  We will go there for dinner.

Phuket Scuba Club Kata/Phuket shop
     On our way back to our hotel we stop at a mini mart to buy some postcards and deodorant.   We spend the afternoon from 1:00-4:00 pm at the POOL.  It is very hot.  Lots of people at the pool.
Street in front of our hotel

Few minutes from our hotel is an ATM, Laundry service, and mini market
Very nice pool

This rock area needs to be refurbished

Parasailing from the beach

View from our hotel pool area

Lots of people at the beach!

View of the back of the Big Buddha from our hotel pool 
     Later we head back to PHUKET SCUBA CLUB and meet Kevan's wife Chantal.  She is as nice as Kevan.  There's another couple at the restaurant next door that are leaving Phuket tonight.  They are friends of Kevan and Chantal's but even though we were introduced I can't remember their names!  They were very nice too.  Talk about diving and other stuff.  Chantal runs the shop right on Karon beach and wants Richard to consider doing a local reef dive.  It would only take half a day as opposed to the full day dives.  He'll think about it.  I use the code for the restaurant's wifi and it works!  There's one from our daughter concerning her arrival.  Since it's a real late arrival  she will get a taxi from the airport to our hotel.  That's good because Richard doesn't want to have to drive with all this crazy traffic, especially in the dark!

     Dinner  OK-KATA SEAFOOD  This is the place recommended by Kevan.  It's on the beach so has nice views.  We order coke, beer, fried rice, chicken and pineapple with steamed rice.  Cost 370 baht and the food is very good as is the service.  A very lovely atmosphere by the beach.  I was also able to check my e-mail using the restaurant's code.  I just don't understand why everything works here and at the PSC but not at the hotel??  On our way back to the hotel my husband wants to stop at the mini mart to get some beers for him and my daughter.  We pick up 1 coke for me and 4 beers for them for 177 baht.  From our room balcony we see some fireworks but my camera just isn't getting clear pictures even though I've set it for fireworks.

Fried rice 

Chicken and pineapple

Steamed rice

     We are waiting in the lobby for our daughter to arrive.  Her flight was supposed to get in around 11:00 pm or so so we expect her around 1:00 am.  She finally arrives at 1:30 am.  The taxi from the airport cost her 900 baht and she bargained for that rate.  Ronan is asleep so Richard holds him while she checks in.  She is in Room 2406 and I ask the desk clerk why she isn't in a room closer to us but the clerk doesn't seem to understand what I'm saying.  I am a bit annoyed as I had made it clear that we were a family when I booked the 2 rooms.  She's even in a different building than we are!  We get to her room and see that there is a king bed, not the 2 singles I had asked for so I'm annoyed even more.  Dorie said it's fine.  The bed is big enough for her and Ronan but I know she's tired and doesn't want to deal with this now.

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