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March 23, 2014

     Richard and I are almost finished with our breakfast when we're joined by Dorie and Ronan at 9:30 am.  Luckily I had managed to get 2 of the mini danish for Ronan before they were all gone.  We still can't get access to our e-mail but I get connected to the internet.  I send a deposit of 4500 baht via paypal for our March 24th Phi Phi Islands trip to Phuket Sail Tours.  The balance I will pay in cash tomorrow.  I ask reception for another pillow for my bed.  We get directions to the BIG BUDDHA.

     BIG BUDDHA  It takes us about 30 minutes driving to get there.  Very straightforward, lots of signs.  Big parking area.  No entry fee.  This is pretty impressive and Ronan is very interested in everything he sees.  It is 25 meters across the base.  The body is white jade marble that shines in the sun.  We spend 1 hr. here.  The 360 degree views of the island are great.

Wood carver

This is what he's making

Dorie and Ronan

Richard and me-typical tourist picture as we had to wait our turn

Pretty impressive



Ronan liked this image

Dorie and I were both born on Saturday.  Richard and Ronan were both born on Friday.



     DINO MINI GOLF  Dorie says Ronan has been talking about this even before they arrived in Phuket.  It's one of the things to do I had mentioned to her during our exchange of e-mails.  Whenever they come to western NY for a visit we take Ronan to mini golf.  He loves it.  He's excited about this as he's into dinosaurs.  He can match all the names with the pictures and it's not just the well known ones like T Rex.  He's pretty smart for a 5 yr. old as he can also name all the bones in a body like tibia, etc.  Amazing what they learn in kindergarten!  The hard thing is finding a parking spot.  There is no where to park our car!  We see a driveway leading into a parking area but a guy tells us it's for the hotel guests (the hotel is right there a little ways away from the lot) but he takes pity on us and we offer him 100 baht to let us park.  As we're playing Ronan is telling us how we have to make our shots to get our golf balls into the hole!  He gets par on hole #16.  Dorie gets the best score.  It's been a lot of fun.  There are figures of different dinosaurs throughout the course.  It's really a neat place.  Cost 240 baht per adult and 180 for Ronan so 900 baht total.  It takes us a little over an hour to complete the course.

Eager to play!

Watching mom

This place is way cool!

Watching grandpa Ricky

Waiting for my turn

Ronan and grandma Chris

Golf advice from Ronan-hit the ball through the tunnel grandpa Ricky!  That's how you got to do it.

Ready to tee off

T Rex
     We stop for lunch.  Spring rolls, spicy papaya salad, coke, sprite, water, Chang beer, and a strawberry shake.  I'll let you guess who had the strawberry shake!!  Total 450 baht.  I check my e-mail and yes-we have confirmation for our tour tomorrow!  A pick up time of 6:30 am.  We head back to the hotel.

I took this picture because of the "BUFFALO" sign on the side of the yellow truck!

     Ronan wants to go to the POOL so we do and spend about 1 hr. here.  He is getting so much better with his swimming.  He has no problem going under the water whereas I don't like getting water in my eyes or nose!

3 way catch
     On our way walking to dinner we stop by a store and I buy Ronan a pair of cute flip flops for 200 baht.  OUTDOOR RESTAURANT  Right on the corner, less than 10 minute walk from our hotel.  Lots of people so we figure the food must be ok.  We get a table and my husband and daughter are disappointed when told no beer to be sold as it's Sunday but what the restaurant does is serve the beer in coffee mugs!  LOL!!  Vegetable pad Thai and 2 beers, vegetable curry and 2 beers, prawns with cashew nuts and a coke, french fries for Ronan.  Rice comes with our orders also.  Cost for dinner 685 baht.  A very satisfying meal and very good service.  A nice place.

Offers all kinds of food


Prawns with cashew nuts

Vegetable curry with rice

Vegetable pad Thai with rice

     Can't end the night without stopping at MOVENPICK.  Ronan tries a grape macaroon but even though it's good, not as good as the strawberry one.  Dorie has a scoop of carmelite ice cream and I have a scoop of coffee coquant ice cream.  This time it's Richard who opts not to have anything.  Dorie treats us to dessert.  I go to the money changer to get some small Thai bills (I need them for tips for our tour tomorrow) and Dorie withdraws money from the ATM. Another fun day with our daughter and grandson.

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