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March 3, 2014

     As we step outside to go to breakfast we see a guy leading some cattle? down the beach.  Interesting.  On our other beach vacations we never had the pleasure of seeing something like this.  Just an ordinary moment in time for this local and his  cattle.  I wonder what they are-water buffalo maybe??  After breakfast we are waiting for our kayak which never shows up.  We had made arrangements for a 2 person kayak at $10 per hour.  Disappointed we decide to lounge on the beach.  Finally we are informed that the kayak is available for us.  We take it out from 12:30-1:30 pm.  It was a lot of fun and relaxing at the same time.  It was nice to catch the current/waves to help us land on the beach.  Then it's more beach and pool time.  While my husband spends more time at the pool I go to the spa for my back and shoulder massage.  It's 60 minutes for $18.  The girl was very good and I feel so relaxed.


Our kayak


     Then calamity strikes.  Stupid me I'm walking around in my bare feet on our verandah and I get a splinter in my foot.  Luckily I have all my first aid stuff but my husband needs to use all sorts of equipment to get the splinter out.  It hurt like heck and it wasn't an easy procedure.  Soap, a wipe with disinfectant, antiseptic iodine, and a bandaid later we find that it's time to think about dinner.  It's a really nice sunset tonight.  Great timing for our last night.

     For dinner we head back down the road and stop this time at GOLDEN ROSE.  This place has about 11 tables and there are only 2 empty tables left so lucky us.  This meal turned out to be the best we had outside of the beach BBQ when we first arrived.   We each have vegetable soup.  Then we order a set menu of grilled pork and fried vegetables.  My husband declines the rice that comes with this choice.  I get grilled whole red snapper, grilled tiger prawns, and tomato salad. Beer and coke.  Our food arrives and OMG there's so much of it.  But it's all so good.  We enjoy sharing all the goodies in front of us.  Then we get free slices of papaya and the owner comes over to us with 2 small glasses of a drink.  I ask him what it is and he says it's Myanmar rum.  It is SO GOOD!  Bill 13500k.  Nice friendly service and great food.  And the prices are so reasonable.  Don't miss trying this place out.

Full house

Grilled pork set menu 3000k

Grilled red snapper 6000k

Grilled tiger prawns 2500k

Tomato salad 1000k

Vegetable soup 500k

This soup was yummy! 

Grilled whole red snapper cooked perfect-moist and flaky.

Husband's grilled pork-4 skewers was a lot of meat!

Grilled tiger prawns-3 huge guys

Husband's fried vegetables

Tomato salad

Papaya slice 

This Myanmar rum was the perfect ending to our fabulous meal.
     I loved that rum so we go across the street to the store and there among all sorts of liquor I see a 175 ml bottle of Myanmar rum for 1000k.  Upon returning to our room we sit out on our verandah drinking a coke for me and a beer for DH.  This is our last night here and we wish we didn't have to leave.  This place was just the ticket to recharge our batteries as now we head to Mrauk U and lots of sightseeing.

I'm happy and sad at the same time.  Have had a great time but it's ending.

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