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March 19, 2014

     No diving today!  Can take our time over breakfast which is just as wonderful as all the other days.  I'm addicted to those sugar donuts.  I send another e-mail to Chantal, Phuket Scuba Club stating that we will stop by the office on the 20th and then after talking to her and Kevan can decide what days he wants to dive, etc.

     We walk down to the beach and see the yoga class.  We decide not to set up a sun bed at the beach.
Beach yoga

Richard says these could be dive boats on their way to the Similans

     We drive into KHAO LAK TOWN as I want to see about buying some camera memory cards.  I brought my Wolverine (portable hard drive just for memory cards) with me but I'm too cautious to delete all my pictures after I've transferred them to the Wolverine.  I guess I don't trust that there could be a problem and if the pictures on the Wolverine somehow get erased/deleted, then what do I do??  I stop at a camera store and buy some memory cards 1450 baht.  I buy postcards and stamps 120 baht.  We check out another dive center that has lots of gear for sale.  I buy a dry bag 650 baht for my Lumix camera to protect it from the water when we will go on day trips in Phuket.   On the way back to the resort we buy some gas for the car 720 baht.

Road construction

     My husband says my swollen lips are from the sun and salt in the sea so we will stay by the POOL today.   We do decide to take a quick swim in the sea but as we are wading in my husband got bit or stung by something in the water.  He couldn't see what but it was painful and he observed several bites on his legs.  We thought it best to not stay in the water.  Fortunately the pain went away but it was strange.  I've read that sometimes there is a jelly fish problem but we didn't see anything swimming around so??  We stay at the pool until 4:30 pm when we return to our room.  There's a power outage for about 1/2 hr.  We started packing as we drive to Phuket tomorrow.


Richard napping by the pool
     We have been invited to a MANAGEMENT COCKTAIL ON THE BEACH by the resort tonight from 6:00-7:00 pm.  When we arrive we see that about 20 people have been invited.  I wonder why we got invited?  There's champagne, wine, beer, pop.  All sorts of canapes/munchies.  We talked to the resort manager.   She seemed very nice.  We also talked to Jim and Elaine from Australia.  They are heading to Hawaii next and we've been so we had a nice chat.  I thought maybe those of us here were departing tomorrow but Jim and Elaine don't leave the resort until Saturday.  I guess we just got lucky.  The food, the drinks, the staff, and other guests made for a nice time.  Before it's time to go we light 5 Lanna lanterns and watch them soar up into the night sky.  Pretty amazing.  We were going to go to BAMBOO for dinner but it's buffet night and we don't really care for buffets for dinner.  There's always so much food and you feel like to have to get your money's worth so you eat more than you should and end up feeling stuffed-not so good.  There was quite a spread at the beach cocktail party so we just walk around a bit and go to our room and have some snacks that we had bought at the 7/11 the other day.  It's nice to sit our on the balcony too.

Fruit kebabs, sushi, popcorn, chips & dip, bread sticks, veggie sticks, fish puffs.  The champagne was very good.  There were around 7 small tables, each with all the snack foods on it.

Lighting the Lanna lanterns

Letting them go
Into the night sky they go
Getting smaller as they go higher

Just very tiny specks now

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