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March 9, 2014

     The alarm goes off.  It's 5:30 am.  The sunrise is not that great.  Sunset last night was better.  Breakfast at the hotel is a set menu.  We have fruit, toast, coffe/tea, choice of eggs, rice, vermicelli.  My husband has an omelet and I choose eggs over easy.

     We have time so we decide to venture back up to GOLDEN ROCK.  Wonder if all those people are still there?.  We start our walk and there's a tidal wave of people leaving-walking towards us so we squeeze over to the side to avoid being trampled-just kidding!  Now we can see the stunning views of the surrounding Mon State mountains.  There's a security officer who offers to take our picture.  I buy a toy horn when my husband isn't looking for 1000k.  There's an elderly monk sitting on a bench and I give him 5000k.  Another monk gives a blessing in the middle of this throng of people and I give him money also.  I'm feeling generous.  Maybe some of the "magic" of the rock has rubbed off on me.  Wish I had more money to give.  It's much easier to walk up to the rock as people are now leaving.  We spend some time here just thinking about this unexplained feeling you get when you see the rock in person.  Before coming here I had seen pictures, knew a bit about it, and thought what is all the fuss about?  Well, now I know.  Despite the truck ride up and then down it was an experience I'm glad I got to enjoy.

A heavy load

Nice views

Breakfast anyone?

I took a picture of this statue last night but the light is better today.

You can have a porter carry you

This is the elderly monk I mentioned meeting.

A steady stream of people leaving.  They appear to be mainly locals.

View from the other side

Security officer that took our picture


     We return to our hotel, check out and then go to where the trucks are lined up to take you down to Kinpu.  It is a madhouse.  Trucks backing up next to stair platforms and people jumping, climbing to get into the back of the truck.  My husband and I look at each other and think-it's going to take forever to get to Kinpun and how will we manage to get on a truck?  Well, you just have to be like the others and not hold back but almost push your way into line. Of course then you get pushed along as the line moves forward.  We are now jammed in truck #2, 2nd group.  Richard, mindful of his back/spine is in the front row and I'm behind him in row 2.  I have no idea how I got behind him instead of next to him!  There's a lot of pushing and shoving to get as many people squeezed in-I think I counted 70.  We pay our 5000k for us both.  It takes an hour from the time we leave the hotel until we arrive in Kinpun.  It takes us around 10 minutes to find Kyaw or for him to find us.  His car is bright red so we find the car right away.

     We head directly back to the hotel arriving there around 2:00 pm.  We see more local life as we drive back to Yangon.  I make arrangements with Kyaw to take us to the airport tomorrow.  He will pick us up at 10:30 am.

     We check in agin to the SUMMIT PARKVIEW and are told they were not able to get us tickets for the Karaweik dinner show.  I'm really disappointed as I wanted to compare it to the dinner show we saw in Cambodia.  We will also attend one in Bangkok.  So my advice is that if you want to do this you need to make reservations early.  I thought 2 days was enough time but it wasn't.  We do make dinner reservations elsewhere.  We decide against any more sightseeing.  We want to relax so we spend several hrs. at the pool.  This time our room #543 is on a higher floor with a better view of Shwedagon Pagoda.  We have been very happy with our accommodations on all 3 stays here and the staff couldn't be nicer.  Love this place and wouldn't stay anywhere else in Yangon.  Great location.  Great value for the price.  And the pool is an added bonus!

Our room


     Dinner LE PLANTEUR  If you make your reservation well enough in advance they have vintage cars that will pick you up.  Taxi one way to restaurant 3000k.  This place is definitely fine dining.  A unique dining experience.    Frequented by celebrities and political leaders.  A Michelin star chef.  There is seating inside the house and outside in the garden.  We opt for the garden-  tropical plants, trees, candle lit tables, and treated to be mosquito free.  It's really lovely.  Wish my camera could have captured how beautiful this setting is but I find that taking pictures when it's dark is not my forte.  Maybe missing the dinner show will be a blessing in disguise!   I order the set menu with one appetizer of marinated salmon, My husband orders seabass.  Even though I am the one who orders the set menu which also includes a cheese board and dessert trolley my husband is told to make selections too.  Cost $130-service charge not included.  The service has been impeccable and the food divine.  What a way to end our stay in Myanmar!

View of the house from our garden table.  Sorry it's so dark.

Decorations like this found in the huge garden area
Roses on our table

Set menu-veal fillet medallions

Set menu-potato gratin
My husband's sea bass

Vegetables that came with the sea bass

Selections from cheese board

Selections from cheese board

Swiss chocolate bounty with pineapple ice cream

Creme brule and fruits

Pie-I started to eat it before I realized I hadn't taken a picture.   It looked much prettier before I attacked it!

More desserts


And more desserts!

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