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March 18, 2014

     We are up early again as Richard will be diving again with SEA DRAGON-this time to the CENTRAL SIMILANS.  Island #4 Koh Miang-Eagle Ray Rock and island #5 Koh Payu-Batfish Bend.   His pick up today is 7:00 am.  I wish him better diving and tell him to take lots of pictures.  I'm thinking the more pictures he takes, the better he will get??  I head to breakfast and it's pancakes again as they are so yummy.

Ready and waiting

Sea Dragon sends this large vehicle to pick him up as well as others.  He has to sit up front next to the driver as all other seats filled.

     I set up my beach and pool sun beds but I'm having a bit of a problem.  My lips are sore and swollen.  Too much sun??  I head over the the resort shops.  I buy an inflatable donut for my grandson to use in Phuket.  I get some lip balm and a few other things.  Even though it's a resort shop I thought the prices were ok.  It is very hot and sunny today.  I only stay at the beach a short time as maybe it's the salt in the water along with the sun that is making my face not feel so good.  I use plenty of sunblock and I've never burned so ???  I decide to spend most of my time at the pool.  I admire some of the flowers planted around the resort as I love to garden.  I go back to my room around 4:30 pm and  have a nice soaking bubble bath.  I'm feeling so much better.  I go to the lobby as that's the only place for free wifi (you can purchase it for your room but it's pricey) and check my e-mails on my I Pad.  Since we've been in SE Asia I've kept up with family and friends and this has been one of the worst winters for western New York.  It all began right after we left-lots and lots of snow.  So sorry I missed all that-NOT!!!

     Richard returns a bit after 7:30 pm.  He saw dolphins in the water from the boat.  He saw lionfish, triggerfish,  octopus, dog tuna, west clownfish, boxer shrimp, garden eels, wart slug, anemone crab.  He says he tried to take pictures but the current and moving fish don't make for ideal conditions.  He said Batfish Bend was a nice drift dive.


Warty bush coral

Fine table coral

Garden eel hiding

Boulder coral

Maybe potato grouper

Golden damsel



Emperor angelfish

Warty bush coral

Dolphins where the white bubbles are

     Dinner tonight at the resort as it's late by the time Richard takes care of his dive gear.  We decide to try out FAVOLA.  Our only other choice for dinner would have been Baan Thai.  There's a dining schedule that lists which restaurants are available for dinner on days from 17-23 March 2014.  I wish I had checked it as yesterday the one I wanted to try for Indian, Korean, Japanese food-Kuk Kak was open for dinner-only on Mondays.  I order beef lasagna and my husband goes for the fettuccine with mushrooms and spinach.  Coke, sprite, and dessert-mocha crunch and Swiss chocolate ice cream.  Bill 1460.02, service charge 10% included.


Brick oven pizza

Fettuccine in a mushroom puree with grilled origin mushrooms and spinach

Lasagna Bolognaise

Cookie and mocha crunch ice cream for me

Cookie and Swiss chocolate ice cream for my husband

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