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February, 7, 2014

     Our last breakfast in Chiang Mai.  Hard to say goodbye to wonderful Pepsi who had more energy than a battery and Opas who arranged so many of our days for us.  Settled our hotel bill.  If you pay cash the hotel will give you a 10% discount.



     All too soon the driver (same guy from 2/4) is here to take us to the bus station.  Cost 150 baht.  At the bus station I withdraw another 10000 baht from the ATM.  I know I'll need money to pay Jermsak.  The bus station has vendors where you can buy last minute things like T shirts, postcards and also food.  There's even an information table on Greenpeace.  According to our tickets we will board at platform 21.

Our driver's nice car

Our bus will continue to Chang San after arriving in Chiang Rai

Chiang Mai bus station

There's double decker buses too


     The GREEN BUS is here for our 10:15 am departure.  We have seats 2B and 2C.  They are roomy and comfortable.  They recline and have seat belts.  A/C working fine.  There's a hostess who gives each passenger a bottle of water and a bread bun with some kind of filling inside.  Then we get a towelette to use for cleaning up.   Passing scenery is ok but it's hard to get any good pictures from a moving bus.  We arrive in Chiang Rai at 1:15 pm so it takes around 3 hrs. from Chiang Mai.  Not too bad.  No problem getting a taxi to our hotel.  Cost 100 baht.

Rice paddies

     BAAN SOONTREE   This is a property I chose due to the good reviews on Trip Advisor and the fact that it has a pool for my husband.  I booked this hotel through on May 26, 2013 for 3 nights.  Cost on credit card for 1 BR superior garden view is $150.21 total which includes breakfast and taxes.   This is not a large property.  It consists of 5 single bungalows on one side and maybe 15 double bungalows with rooms up and down on the other side of the hotel.  There is a building where we will have breakfast which is served from 7:3010:00 am.  We check in with Reception which is a separate building in front of the pool area.  We are in bungalow 3B with a view of the gardens and the pool.   Our bungalow has a front porch.  The beds look comfortable (they are) and the bathroom is a shower, no bathtub.   For the price it's well suited for us.  We unpack a few things and spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing by the pool.

Our bungalow

Lots of storage

Hair dryer, mini fridge, coffee/tea supplies

Pool and jacuzzi/spa

Here you can see the row of double unit bungalows

     We have Reception call for a tuk tuk to take us into town for dinner.  DA VINCI has gotten pretty good reviews so that's where we are headed.  Cost of tuk tuk there 80 baht.  I read that the lasgna was supposed to be good so I order that.  My husband orders a Greek salad-at an Italian restaurant!  However, he has the last laugh as my lasagna falls short.  The pasta is overcooked and there's way too much cheese.  My husband says his salad is great.  Cost 750 baht for a disappointing meal-for me at least.

Chiang Rai bus station


Greek salad

     We decide to walk over to the Night Bazaar.  It's only 5-10 minutes away.  I'm happy as I buy a couple gifts for family-some hats that say Singha, a cute T shirt for my grandson, and a lightweight summery dress for me.  We catch a tuk tuk back for 80 baht.

This is where I bought my grandson's T shirt

     Looking forward to tomorrow as we finally will get to meet Jermsak!    

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