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YANGON-February 10-14, 2014

February 10, 2014

     Our AIR ASIA flight does not leave until 11:15 am so we are able to have a leisurely breakfast.  Easy check out BAAN SOONTREE.  We have really enjoyed our time here in northern Thailand-Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai.  We leave the hotel around 9:00 am or so and get to the airport with no trouble.  Cost for the taxi/car to the airport was 150 baht.
Chiang Rai Airport

Our plane going to Bangkok

     I had booked our flights-CR to Bangkok, one way (cost was 3654.70 THB/$123.68 for 2 adults) and then Bangkok to Yangon, round trip (cost was 11140 THB for 2 adults) prior to our leaving home via the internet/website for AIR ASIA.  The one thing I really liked about AA was that you can purchase extra weight for not much money.  Since I know myself well, I had purchased an extra 10 kg above the allowed 40 kg (20 kg per bag) for the 2 checked bags.  Check in at the AA counter uncomplicated.  My checked bags total 45 kg-whew!  I picked seats 11A and 11C-window and aisle but didn't do enough research.  Seats in rows 11 and 13 don't recline.  Luckily our flight FD 3204 is only a bit over 1 hr. so no big deal.  Our flight leaves on time and arrives DMK/Bangkok at 12:35 pm.  Flight was short and sweet.  We claim our bags and wait for our next flight heading to Yangon.  That flight doesn't leave until 4:20 pm.  I pass the time reading my notes on Myanmar and having a very tasty pineapple smoothie.  In no time at all it seems we are checking in for this AIR ASIA flight to Yangon.  We have seats 6A and 6C on FD 2753.  This flight is also very good with no problems.  There is a 1/2 hr. time difference between Bangkok and Yangon.  We arrive in Yangon 5:05 pm  I follow the instructions from my research completing the arrivals form on the plane, going down the escalator, to the foreigners line at the far end of the luggage carousel. Luggage trolleys are free.  We collect our bags, go to customs, through the scanner and opposite from the scanner area is the Duty Free liquor store where I buy a bottle of shiraz wine for $11.  As we're heading to exchange our USD to kyats we see a guy with our name on a sign on the other side of the glass.  We motion we'll be out soon and change $300-I hand over 3 of the new US $100 bills- and receive 294,600 kyats.
Shuttle from plane to DMK terminal

We are in Bangkok at DMK

Our plane to Yangon

     We exit the area and are greeted by a rep from ONE STOP-Michael I think he said was his name.  We drive to the OS office and Joe goes over our itinerary, gave us all our hotel and flight vouchers with instructions, our receipt/letter for the Bagan balloon, etc.  We hand over $5836 in pristine USD, mostly the new 100s.  We're given a receipt for this and phone #s to call if necessary.  My husband is so relieved to not have to carry around that money anymore even though it's been kept in all our hotels' room safes.   Michael then drives us to our hotel-SUMMIT PARKVIEW.  We tip him 7000 kyat for all his driving and help with our luggage.

     SUMMIT PARKVIEW What a beautiful hotel and the staff are so welcoming.  We get a refreshing drink upon arrival.  We have to show our passports and fill in some forms and sign them.  It's basically a form showing our date of check in and our date of check out.  We are shown to our room #327.  Porter 2000 kyats.  I look out the window.  OMG!  We have a superb view of Shwedagon!  Can it get any better than this??  Yes it can as I take in our room.  It is very nice at $180 per night which includes breakfast and taxes.  There's the tub in the bathroom!  (I love bubble baths)  By now it's too late to go out for dinner.  We're tired so we call it a night.


View of Shwedagon

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