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February 23, 2014

    OMG!  The egg station guy gets it right 3 days in a row.  What a way to start my day!  We have decided to go to Mingun today.  After getting some directions from staff in reception we walk about 5-10 minutes to the MAYAN CHAN JETTY where we will catch the boat.  Tickets 8000k per person (for the round trip boat and fee to enter Mingun) and I had to fill in a form with our names and passport numbers.  We're early as the boat doesn't leave until 9:00 am.  The ticket guy tells us and it's printed on my receipt that the "back time" is 1:00 pm.  The boat ride takes 1 hr.  There are 2 areas to sit.  Limited number of seats on the top open deck and then a fully covered area below.  We make note of what our boat looks like as there are others there at MINGUN.  Lots of carts wanting to take you around to the different sites.  I decide I'd like to walk a bit and maybe get a ride later.

Boats ready to take us to Mingun

Upstairs deck area
What the boats look like for the journey

I was able to capture this huge slice of the land crashing down into the water-kind of like what the glaciers do in Alaska.

Approaching Mingun

      PAHTODAWGYI  Took us about 20 minutes slowly walking to reach this unfinished stupa which was begun by King Bodawpaya in 1790.  An astrologer claimed the King would die once it was completed.  That's why it was left unfinished.  Huge cracks visible.  Not allowed to climb to the top.  It is really hot so we grab a taxi/truck for 6000k (you could get local transport for the same price right as you get off the boat) to see the rest of what I want.  Only 2 other attractions.

Not allowed to climb

Truck/taxi available
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     MINGUN BELL  King Bodawpaya had this bell cast to go with his stupa Pahtodawgyi.  The bronze bell is in good ringing condition as evidenced by all the people hitting it with a stick.  My DH takes his turn and does a good job.  It's very big and you can even stoop and go underneath it if you want.

Peek a boo!


Zayat-where the bell is housed

     HSBINBYUME/WHITE PAGODA  Built in 1816 by King Bagyidaw to honor the memory of his 1st consort.  Princess Hsinbyume/Lady of the White Elephant died in childbirth.  The 7 wavy terraces are supposed to remind one of the 7 mountain ranges around Mount Meru.  All the white is stunning!

Can even see Pahtodawgyi

       We get off our taxi truck before reaching the place where our boat is waiting as we want to do some sightseeing/walking.  Lots of souvenir sellers.  Pass some interesting shaped rocks.  There's a set of stairs with figures going down towards the water.

Back on our boat and sitting on the top open part of the deck

     On the boat ride back we see scenes of the river life and even our hotel and what appears to be some sort of ferris wheel.   A short walk and we're back at our hotel and ready to test out the pool.  Spend almost 2 hrs. here relaxing and just being lazy.
A sailboat of sorts

That huge building is our hotel Ayarwaddy River View

Ferris wheel??

Back to the jetty

Neat truck!
Richard has the pool to himelf

This is a great way to recharge!
     Dinner-our hotel's rooftop restaurant.  I had made a reservation and requested a table with a view of the river.  Our table was right by the railing so we had the best view of the river and the gorgeous sunset.  Happy Hour 5:30-6:30.  Free house drink of rum sours.  Yum!! I order pan fried chicken breast in a mushroom sauce with home fries.  My husband has the chefs style sea bass with rice and a salad.  Beer and coke.  Cost 22500.  The meal was superb.  Lots of people dining here and it looks like all tables occupied or have "reserved" signs on them.    During dinner a lovely man plays sweet music.  A swell evening!


City lights

Rooftop restaurant 

Chefs style sea bass

Pan fried chicken breast in a mushroom sauce

Dinner music

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