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January 15, 2014

     Today my husband and I do justice to our hotel's great breakfast buffet.  We fill up as this is going to be another long day.  Mr. Yon picks us up at 8:00 am in a very roomy, comfy Toyota Camry.  Today is KULEN PARK with some other stops.  This is part of  7 days Angkor sightseeing that I had arranged with TA regular lenny before even arriving in SR.  We need a car just today for KULEN PARK.  We buy our tickets at $20 pp.

     KULEN PARK not so easy to get down to the waterfall levels as wooden staircase not the best.  Glad I wore my waterproof Keens.  We will see lingas, the reclining Buddha, and 2 levels of the waterfalls where we will take a swim.  Entering into the water by the waterfalls is tricky as there are lots of tourists standing on the boulders taking pictures of the waterfall where you enter the water.  (PS-if you don't intend to swim could you please be mindful of those who do)  I say this because as I was trying to get out a tourist accidentally bumped me causing me to lose my balance and fall against the rocks.  Ouch!!  I ended up scraping both knees and my left shin and there was bleeding involved.  The lady who is there that can rent out bathing suits and has storage for your clothes was  upset.  She gave me a towel to stop the bleeding.  The tourist never bothered to say anything.  I think he was so focused on getting that "perfect shot" that he didn't even realize what had happened.  Part of this was my fault as I should have asked him and some others to please move so I could get out.  When my husband and Yon finally had enough of the cold water and got out they were more upset than I was!  As we climbed back up Yon bought bandaids and antiseptic to treat my injuries.  With my legs covered in bandaids we tasted some of the food-waffles and deep fried pancakes-yummy!  They were just what I needed.  3+ hrs. here.

Path to the lingas

Walkway up to the reclining Buddha

Reclining Buddha


Looking down the walkway

Enjoying a dip by the waterfall area

Here you can see what I mean about the non swimming tourists being on the rocks to take their pictures of the waterfall.  They could get just as good shots off and behind those rocks.  

Yon and my husband almost under the waterfall

My husband is having a good time!

     We left and stopped for lunch not too far away.  Next to the restaurant there was an area where beautiful carved wood furniture was on display.  It was just gorgeous.  Lunch was pineapple chicken salad for me and veg. noodle soup for my husband.  Cost with drinks $14.  I also bought a DVD on Angkor Wat for $8.

Pineapple chicken salad-so good!

Vegetable noodle soup

     ROLOUS GROUP is next.  We arrive around 3:15 pm.
          PREAH KO 6 towers in 2 rows on a platform.  Nicely preserved carvings.  45 minutes here.
3 of the towers


          BAKONG Impressive.  Not too bad a climb.  40 minutes here.

          LOLEI Used to be an island temple.  4 brick towers.  15-20 minutes here.
Lintel showing Indra on Airvata

     We return to our hotel 6:00 pm.  Cost for the car and Yon-our driver/guide for the day $65.

     No time for dinner as our hotel has managed to get us tickets for tonight for PHARE, the Cambodian Circus.  Performance is CHILLS which is about going to sleep and dreaming about ghosts.  The show is from 7:30-8:30 pm.  Cost $15 pp for regular ticket or for $$ more you can be seated lower with a cushion.  We have arrived early enough so as we enter the tent area we are able to get pretty good seats.  The boys and girls tell the story using music, dance, acrobatics, juggling, contortion, balancing, fire, and aerials with fabric.  The performers had so much energy and their enthusiasm was catching.  The tent was packed with people of all ages who enjoyed the show as much as we did if the applause given was any indication.  By attending this "circus" you are helping these kids with your support.  One thing we wish we had done was to arrive earlier for a pre show snack and drinks.  Tuk tuk Narak from our hotel $6 round trip.  Back in our room we munch on snack items I have picked up at a store-potato chips (quite good), candy bars (so healthy), and sodas.  Cost of our junk food dinner $5.

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