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January 23, 2014

     Another fabulous breakfast but this time no crepes (have to watch my waistline-LOL) so it's fried eggs, toast/baguette, juice and coffee  We have a tour to BOKOR MOUNTAIN scheduled for today.  We get picked up at 9:00 am.  There are about 13 of us in the van for this tour.  Cost $12 pp.  It's a long drive to Bokor National Park.  As we enter the park area I'm thinking that this is not what I expected as it's not like the national parks back home like Yosemite, Shenandoah, etc.  It seems like the Chinese are investing money here.  A huge, new resort has been built and I see signs with plans for a housing development of villas, etc.  Bokor Hill Station-water tower, reservoir, huge rocks near the cliff edge, ruins of the old resort/casino, other old buildings, a church, statue of a big Buddha.  The views are quite nice but there's a feeling of sadness that I'm experiencing here.  We stop at an area with picnic benches and food for sale.  Our tour includes lunch which turns out to be a container of fried rice and water.  If you wanted something more there was food you could buy.  We arrive back to town 2:30 pm and are given tickets for the sunset river cruise part of this tour.  Meeting point is right across from our hotel at 4:30 pm.  While we wait-you guessed it-we have drinks and carmel ice cream at RTT.


Big Buddha statue

Lovely view

Huge rocks

Old resort/casino 


New hotel

Water tower

Old church

Old church

Inside the church



Leaving the park
     I must say this 2 hour SUNSET BOAT RIDE was lovely and relaxing.  We see several bridges and pass under them,  we see the fishing boats heading back from the day's work,  we see a beautiful sunset.
Our boat for the sunset cruise on the river.

Other cruises available

Passing scenery

Interesting bridge

Fishing boats coming home

Pretty house

Stately looking trees

River scenery

Nice reflection


Back after a wonderful, relaxing 2 hour cruise.
     Not taking any chances we have dinner at RIKI.  Happy Hour first-Mai Tais.  Ann, I'm having a swell time drinking to you.  LOL!!  I'm wanting Mexican so beef burritos it is and husband has sait moarn chantii which is local cashew nuts, baby corn, onion, green beans, and small pieces of chicken breast stir fried in a mildly spicy sauce.  My husband loves this.  Alas-out of apple pie so I "settle" for a brownie with chocolate ice cream.  Good thing there's not a weight scale in our room!!  Cost for food and drinks $21.50.  So sad as this is our last night at Riki and tomorrow we head back to Phnon Penh.  We exchange hugs, take lots of pictures.  We finally meet Denise!

Mai tais

Beef burritos

Sait moarn chantii

Brownie & chocolate ice cream

Me and wait staff

Beautiful inside and out!

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