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PHNON PENH, January 24-29, 2014

January 24, 2014

     We've arrived via Giant Ibis from Kampot.  It's 5:00 pm.  We easily find a tuk tuk to take us to HILARY'S BOUTIQUE.  We will stay here for 5 nights until our flight to Bangkok.  This small hotel has been recommended to me by my daughter who stayed here on her visit to PP. Cost for the tuk tuk was $3-a far cry from the $10 we paid for a tuk tuk to take us a short distance on our stopover in PP on January, 21, 2014.  This place is very nice-small and quaint with a nice pool.  We are taken to room 214 which is very nicely decorated but it as no safe so one has to be brought up to the room later.  Cost per night is $61 which includes breakfast and all taxes.   Since we're too tired to venture out we decide to have dinner at the hotel restaurant, Rose Apple.  Tom yam soup, vegetable curry, tea, Angkor beer.  The soup and tea make my throat feel better as do the meds I bought in Kampot.  Cost was $13.75.  I was so tired and not feeling all that great that I forgot to take pictures of our dinner and I NEVER do that so what the .............??
Hilary's Boutique-entrance to hotel/courtyard area
Room 214-bedroom

Bathroom with tub!

Writing area/desk
Hotel restaurant
Our small verandah with table & 2 chairs

Hotel pool


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