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January 16, 2014

     Today we get to meet Savuth who has received such positive reviews on TA. He wasn't able to be our tuk tuk driver from the start but Chhon filled in for him and we were very happy with Chhon.  Savuth picks us up at 7:00 am.

     BANTEAY SREI-CITADEL OF WOMEN It is everything previous posters have said and more.  One of my favorites.  Delicate, beautiful carvings which are dense and intricate.  Fairy tale ambiance.  Peaceful.  A priceless jewel.  Pinkish sandstone.  2hrs. here but could have stayed for 4.

Boundary stone

Fire in the Khandava Forest
Fire in the Khandava Forest-bottom part

Fight between Valin and Surgriva 

Landmine Victims Band-I bought their CD of traditional Khmer music for $10.

Narasimba clawing Hiranyakasipu

     KBAL SPEAN-RIVER OF A THOUSAND LINGAS Would not do this again only because of the difficulty to get to the lingas.  It's a 1500 meter walk over tree roots, boulders, and other obstacles.  If my husband was doing this by himself, it would have taken him half the time.  It was hot and I must admit, I'm not in the best physical shape and I had injured my knees the day before.  I should have stayed behind with a guy we passed who was sitting and waiting for his family to return from the river. He told me he just couldn't continue-it was too much for him.  He was our age.  I should have stayed with him!  However I plodded on and did reach the river and admired the carvings/lingas.  The climb should have taken 45 minutes each way but it took me much longer.  We had arrived at 10:00 am and got back to Savuth by 2:00 pm.  That's 4 hrs. instead of 3 or less depending on how much time you spend looking at the carvings.  I think we spent about 1 hr. looking at and photographing the carvings.  Getting down there and back took 3 hrs. instead of 1 1/2 hrs.  We were so thirsty as we had drunk up all the water we had so we got some drinks and sat before going to the next stop.

This is NOT fun!

Oh my!

How in the ____am I going to get through this??

It just keeps getting worse.

Catching my breath

Are we there yet?
Reclining Vishnu

Another reclining Vishnu

4 faced god Brahma seated on a lotus

     PRE RUP Lovely.  Laterite, brick, and sandstone.  Nice views from the top which isn't too bad of a climb.  Steep steps 3 tiers of the pyramid.  Nicely carved false doors.  1 hr. here.

     Savuth tells us we won't be able to get to BANTEAY SAMRE as we had taken so long at KBAL SPEAN.  I must say I'm very disappointed.  Savuth stops at a pharmacy for me where I buy iodine antiseptic, bandaids, gauze, and tape.  I need to be prepared just in case.  All this for $3.50!  We are back to our hotel by 5:30 pm.  Cost for Savuth/tuk tuk for the day $30.

     Dinner is at TOUICH.  Not an easy place to get to but we had a great meal there.  I have red wine (I deserved it!) and my husband has beer (he's fallen in love with all the kinds of Cambodian beer).  I also have a mint tea which is very soothing/relaxing.  I have grilled Khmer beef-very tender-served with rice and veggies.  My husband has spicy scallops also with rice and veggies.  Cost $25.  Narak wasn't available so we used another hotel tuk tuk driver but I can't remember his name.  Cost $6 round trip.  I'm beginning to think $3 one way to town is a set price.

Grilled Khmer beef

Rice and veggies 

Spicy scallops

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