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January 28, 2014

     For whatever reason I'm feeling a little off so I opt for toast and tea for breakfast while my husband chooses Option 5.

     At 8:30 am we are picked up by Sameth Mon aka SAM THE MAN in a sweet car with A/C- a Toyotta Corolla.  I had booked Sam for this day back in October, 2013.  Today is a day tour of Toul Seng, Choeung Ek Memorial and the Russian Market.  Cost $35.  Contact info for Sam:  e-mail,   phone +(855) 012 76 22 90
or +(855) 099 900 640 's_taxi_service.htm

     TOUL SENG/S.21  Designed for the detention, interrogation, inhuman torture, and killing after confessions from the detainees were received and documented.  This evidence is on display here for all to see.  The compound used to be a school.  There is a fence and barbed wire.  Buildings A, B, C, and D.  As hard as this was for me to visit it's important to remember the suffering caused by the Khmer Rouge.   Some of these pictures may be disturbing.  I'm still not feeling well, it's so hot, I tell my husband to continue to the upper floors without me as I'm going to take a break and sit for a while.  However, my body has other plans and I'm sick.  Luckily I have plenty of tissues with me and hand sanitizer!  We have spent 2 hours here and are leaving as several tour buses arrive.

     Next stop-CHOEUNG EK/KILLING FIELDS  Most well known of over 300 killing fields throughout Cambodia.               Entrance fee$3 pp and if you want to do the audio tour (highly recommend this) it's another $3 pp.  This place is also disturbing and I'm glad when the audio tour is done and we can leave.  I'm feeling better physically but not so much spiritually.


Mass grave 450 victims

Mass grave 166 victims without heads

The killing tree

Used to be a Chinese cemetery

The magic tree

Memorial Stupa

     On to the RUSSIAN MARKET.  We are here for about 1 hour.  It's very crowded which makes me uncomfortable (a bit of claustrophobia).  I buy 3 scarves for the bargain price of $6.  This is the place to get reasonable souvenirs and if I was feeling better I'd try to stay longer.  Sam was great.  He really is a "good bloke" and speaks good English and drives safely.  Can highly recommend him and he deserves all the glowing reviews on TA.  We're back at the hotel by 2:30 pm.  I make arrangements with the hotel for a car to take us to the airport tomorrow and I'm told the cost will be $15.
So much stuff

Had to take a picture of electrical wiring.  You see this all over the city.

Sam the Man
     I rest by the pool while my husband enjoys the refreshing water.  We decide to have dinner at the Blue Pumpkin.  I'm feeling better and wanting some ice cream as this is our last night in Cambodia.  BLUE PUMPKIN-side salad, bruschetta, Cambodian kuthiew chicken, peppermint tea, ginger honey tea, and ice cream(No picture as I forgot!  Couldn't wait to have that ice cream.)   Cost for dinner $14.25.  Tuk tuk $10.
Bruschetta at the Blue Pumpkin

This looks almost like a soup but my husband said it was tasty.

My side salad

Tuk tuk driver Ray #006


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