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KAMPOT, January 21-24, 2014

January 21, 2014

     Early check out Seng Hout was quick and easy.  We have Nani take us to the CAPITOL bus departure point.  We arrive as requested at 6:50 am.  Oh, oh my husband has left his case with his scuba regulator in it back at the hotel in the lobby.  Nani quickly returns to the hotel and is back in time for the 7:00 am departure.  We exchange well wishes and $10 for his trouble/ride.

     Our tickets have us in seats 15 and 16.  There are seat belts, the seats are comfortable, there's A/C, and window curtains which you can close or keep open.  There's overhead compartments for small travel bags.  However, we don't leave until 7:15 am and now I'm worried we may miss our connection bus in Phnom Penh which leaves at 1:00 pm to take us to Kampot.  Yesterday I had asked the girl if I should get the 1 hour earlier tickets but she said we would make the connection.  Things just get worse.  I didn't realize this bus would be making all these stops.  People get on, people get off.  I counted at least 12 stops.  Then we also had 2 or 3 brief rest stops.  We encounter road construction around Kampong Chang city.  Of course, you know how this ends.  We miss our next bus by 30 minutes!  That was the last Capitol bus for the day!  We are besieged by guys wanting to take us to Kampot by taxi.  Price $45.  A lot more than the bus.  I know there's an Ibis bus that leaves at 2:45 pm going to Kampot.  We have a tuk tuk take us to the Giant Ibis office.  Alas, it's sold out.  A small bus with only 17 seats.  Now what??  The tuk tuk takes us back to the place where we got off the Capitol bus and I figure we have no choice but to take a taxi. Tuk tuk cost $10.   I'm so mad at myself for not taking the earlier Capitol bus this morning!  Or for not booking Giant Ibis even if we'd have to wait for an hour or so for the 2:45 pm departure.  Now, I'm told a taxi will be $50.  Then the middleman guy comes back and tells me the driver wants $60!  By now I'm barely holding on to my temper.  I explain that originally we were told $45 and in the end he tells us that the driver will take us for $55.  The car is a Lexus so I think at least it will be a comfy ride.  No such luck.  He's putting all sorts of packages in the trunk that I guess he's delivering to Kampot so some of our bags are in the back seat with us.  Instead of roomy seating we're squashed.  I wonder why we're waiting.  All of a sudden the front passenger side door opens and a guy gets in.  Turns out this guy from Brussels is ANOTHER passenger heading to Kampot.  As we drive I learn that his hotel Bokor Mountain Lodge has paid $15 for him to get there in this taxi!!!!!!!!!  I'm paying $55.  I feel totally ripped off and so disappointed that this happened.  I guess every Cambodian is not sweet, trust worthy, etc.

Inside of our Capitol bus

We passed by some interesting scenery.

Food sellers along the way



Our "taxi"  nice looking LEXUS car

Kampot, January 21-24, 2014

January 21, 2014

     We finally arrive in Kampot at our hotel, RIKI TIKI TAVI.  I was so happy that we have finally arrived!  We are greeted so warmly by Andrea, given a welcome drink of the best tasting lemonade and checked in.  Our room is #1 and it's just what I need to make me feel better.  Cost for a double/twin room was $48 per night which includes breakfast and all taxes.

Our room
Love that name!

Seating area in our room 
Large, comfy beds


     It's Happy Hour-2 for 1-the Hurricane is swell!  This is to you Ann!  Wish we could have met.  Too tired to explore so we decide to have dinner at the hotel.  Best decision I made today.  Chicken kebab-chicken, pineapple, onion, and peppers skewered & grilled over hot lava stones with a zesty pepper & lime sauce and spicy peanut satay sauce with sauteed potatoes and salad.  Kuree krahom-authentic red veg. curry with beans, eggplant, onions, potatoes, carrots, local herbs & spices with Jasmine rice and salad.  Dessert-hazelnut ice cream.  Cost $17.50 including our drinks.  OMG this is so good!  I also make arrangements for a tuk tuk driver for a countryside tour for tomorrow.  The hotel will also get our tickets for the Giant Ibis bus to Phnom Penh for January 24, 2014-the 2:30 pm departure/pick up time.  For a day that started so badly we've had a perfect ending.


2 for 1 Hurricane

Chicken kebab

Kuree krahom


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