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January 9, 2014

     OMG I slept like a log!  I feel good and ready to really enjoy this trip.  Up to now it's been one awful thing after another but we are finally in CAMBODIA/SIEM REAP!!!!  Today there is nothing pre arranged so I send an e-mail to QUAD ADVENTURES CAMBODIA to see if we can do a 2 hr. ride.  Yes, we can!  They will pick us up from our hotel at 9:45 am.  My husband and I head down to breakfast.  The grounds of this property are so pretty and that swimming pool!  My husband is just about drooling. Upon arriving to the breakfast building we give our room # to the hostess and pick a table.  It's a buffet with egg station.  There are so many things to choose from it's hard to know where to begin.  I select juice, fruit, toast/danish, a fried egg, and coffee.  It is very good and I feel like a new woman.
View of pool from our room

Our balcony

Breads and pastries

So much food

Egg station

Hotel restaurant

Hotel lobby
    Phy from QUAD ADVENTURES CAMBODIA picks us up in a tuk tuk-our first ride!  We go to the office where we pay $70 for 2 bikes, sign a waiver of responsibility, and learn some basics.  I decide to ride behind Phy as I've never done this before.  We head into the countryside around SR.  After 5 minutes Phy asks if I want to drive and I decide to give it a go.  It's super easy and so much fun!  We stop for drinks as it can be dusty but we see so much-small villages, lots of kids waving & running after us, a local temple, animals grazing, etc.  We really loved this and would go longer next time.  I highly recommend this as a break from the temples or like us, do it before the temples!
Phy and my husband Richard

Small villages and children

Local temple

We had so much fun!

Quad Adventure Cambodia office
     Pool time for several hours.  My husband is so happy!  I've made arrangements for a cooking class for later.
My husband Richard


     Narak, a tuk tuk driver from the hotel takes us to LE TIGRE de PAPIER, restaurant and cooking class.  He will return for us later.  Cost for class which includes 2 non alcoholic drinks is $28 for the 2 of us.  First our teacher takes us to the local market and points out the ingredients we will use among other interesting food items.  Then we return and head upstairs where the class is.  Who knew cooking could be so much fun!  There are 6 of us-just the right size.  My husband and I make papaya salad, banana blossom flower salad for our starter choices.  For the main I choose curry with chicken and my husband does seafood amok (he doesn't care for his dish as he doesn't like the coconut taste).  After we're done we head downstairs to eat the results of our labor.  There's enough to share.  We have 2 glasses of the house white wine which is not bad-$5.  Dessert is a banana pudding with tapioca. Jean Luc e-mails us the recipes from our class.  Narak takes us back to the hotel-$6 round trip.
Our teacher at the market

Nice looking food

Ready to start!



I'm having fun


Cooking up a storm

Serious at work

Some of the finished meals

My papaya salad and someone's spring rolls

One of the meals 

Another meal

Our group!
     It's been a wonderful first day.  Tomorrow we start our temple sightseeing.  I'm so excited!

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