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January 27, 2014

     Breakfast-Option 2 and Option 1.  My husband finally decides to have the kind of breakfast we sometimes have back home.

We have scheduled Ray to pick us up at 8:00 am.  Today we will finally tour the ROYAL PALACE & SILVER PAGODA.  Entrance cost is $6.50 pp which already includes the camera fee.  This place is immense with several buildings which are off limits to visitors.  The palace was built over 100 years ago to serve as residence of the King, a venue for court ceremony, and as a symbol of the Kingdom.   We wander the beautifully manicured grounds and see-Easter/Victory Gate; Preah Tineang Chanchhaya/Moonlight Pavillion, venue for the Royal Dancers; Hor Samrith Vimean/Bronze Palace, displays royal regalia and costumes; Preah Timeang Tevea Vinichhay/Throne Hall, used for diplomatic  meetings; Hor Samran Phirun, royal waiting area, gifts from heads of state; Preah Reach Damnak Chan, administrative offices; Phochani Pavillion, open hall for royal receptions and meetings; Napolean III Pavillion, cloaked, under renovation?; Statue HM King Norodom; Stupa of HRH Princess Kantha Bopha; Wat Preah Keo Morokat/Silver Pagoda, 5000+ silver floor tiles, Emerald Buddha, houses cultural and religious treasures, Buddha Maitreya-golden standing with 2000+ diamonds, Reamker galleries; Library, houses sacred Buddhist texts; Phnom Mondop, symbolizes Mount Kailassa; Belfry, signals opening and closing of the temple; Imagery of the Royal Coronation Procession of HM Norodom Sihamoni.  I buy a small guide pamphlet from an old man leaning out a window of the Throne Hall for $1 as we were not allowed inside.  No photos are allowed to be taken inside the Silver Pagoda.  I thought maybe I could get a picture standing outside and using my telephoto lens but the center door was closed so no clear sightline to the Emerald Buddha!!  I had to be content with buying some postcards.  We spend 3+ hours here.
Entrance gate


Administrative offices

Pavillion og Napolean III

Angkor Wat model

Reamker galleries

Throne Hall

Chanchhaya Pavillion

Throne Hall

Stupa of HRH Princess Kanta Bopha


Phnom Mondop

Statue of HM King Norodom
Silver Pagoda/Temple of the Emerald Buddha


12 Royal warriors holding fans.  Royal body guards carrying Royal sedan chair

Royal procession of the coronation-Flags-national, religious, monarchy.  Drum of victory.

     We admire the MINISTRY OF JUSTICE building-the SUPREME COURT.  Now it's time for lunch and I'm eager to go to the DAUGHTERS OF CAMBODIA, SUGAR AND SPICE CAFE.  This provides training and employment to survivors of human trafficking.  A haven for these girls.               There's a gift shop on the ground floor and the cafe is upstairs.  We have 1/2 ham & cheese baguette with mango/papaya/cucumber salad, lentil soup with chick peas & baguette slices with sauce.  It was just right for a light lunch.  Great service and very good food. Cost $11.50.  Downstairs I buy a tee shirt for my husband $14.50.  We stop at a camera store.  I have to buy a memory card for my camera as I'm taking so many pictures!  16 GB $15.  We return to the hotel around 1:00 pm.  Pool time!!  Tuk tuk $15.

Ministry of Justice-Supreme Court

Daughters of Cambodia, Sugar & Spice Cafe

Ham/cheese baguette with mango/papaya/cucumber salad

Lentil soup with chick peas and baguette bread slices with sauce

     Have to check out the ELEPHANT BAR at RAFFLES (another of my daughter's recommendations).  It's very posh.  Piano playing in the background.  Comfy seating arrangements.  I feel like I'm transported back in time.  We order Femme Fatale, Manhattan.  We not only get our drinks but a boat load of munchies-chips & salsa, peanuts, some kind of green spicy nuts.  Cost $11.99.  I drop some money into the jar by the piano hoping it will encourage others.  I enjoy his piano playing.  It was only a few dollars.

Dinner-TAQUERIA CORONA for Mexican.  Steak tacos with black beans and Spanish rice, cheese quesadillas with sour cream and salsa.  Cost $15.  Back to the hotel, tuk tuk $10.  It's been such a lovely day.

Elephant Bar

City at night

Femme Fatale



The Elephant Bar is in  the Raffles Hotel

Taqueria Corona-Mexican food

Steak tacos

Cheese quesadillas

City at night

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