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January 12, 2014

     Pick up 7:00 am by Chhon.  This will be our 3rd day with him.  We really like him.  He's friendly, a safe driver, and gets us to the sites for good photos and minimal crowds, and his English is good too.

     PREAH KHAN-THE SACRED SWORD One of my favorites.  Extensive.  Lots of character.  Partial ruin.  Trees like Ta Prohm.  Large garudas-World Monument Fund-adopt a garuda program for their restoration.  EFEO involved.  www.efeo.fr/base.php?code=217            So much to see.  over 2 hrs. here.

Long walk to temple



Fallen masonry

Hermit in prayer

Dancing apsaras

     NEAK PEAN Small island temple.  Fencing prevents more thorough exploring.  45 minutes here including the walkway to reach this site.   Landmine Victims Band.  They were performing by the side at the beginning of the walkway.

Walkway to site

Statue of the horse Balaha in the pond

Landmine victims band

     TA SOM Remote, semi ruined.  Face towers. Devatas. 1 hr. here.

Bought a pair of lightweight pants from these ladies

     PHNOM BOK-OX HUMP MOUNTAIN 600+ steps to summit.  Extremely difficult steep climb.  Better to do this early morning before it gets too hot.  Would not do this again.  Even my husband said his legs were shaking and he's pretty fit for a 71 yr. old.  I thought I was going to collapse!

Beginning of path going up

Lots of steps!




     Back to hotel by 2:45 pm for 1 hr. break to rest and recover from Phnom Bok!  In hindsight since the break was so short a better option may have been to stay on the Angkor site and stop for a drink.  Chhon picks us up at 3:30 pm to go to Phnom Krom for sunset.  On our way there Chhon suggests we take a boat out on Tonle Sap Lake for the sunset as he feels the climb will be too much for me.  PK is on top of an almost 500' hill with steep stairs and a curved path.  I agree but almost wish I had made the attempt or at least gone to another sunset site like Pre Rup.

     TONLE SAP LAKE On our way we pass floating houses and other interesting scenery.  Arriving at the dock we are dropped off and go to the building to purchase our tickets.  Yikes!  $25 pp pricey when compared to $0 for Phnom Krom.  The sunset is nice and we do see Chong Khneas without the purported pressure of a daytime visit.  I had originally planned a tour of the lake and Kampong Phluk with the floating forest and maybe Prek Toal Bird Sanctuary with Beyond Unique Escapess but had to eliminate that when we lost 3 days of our time in SR because of our international air disaster.


Just us on this boat!


     We are back to our hotel by 7:30 pm.  Tuk tuk for the day $30 mainly due to distances covered and the split time.  Since it's been a long day we decide to have a light dinner at our hotel.  Nothing spectacular-sandwiches with fries.  Cost was $23.
Burger with fries

Philly cheesesteak with fries

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